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Falck's Health Universe 

Falck's Health Universe

Welcome to Falck’s Health Universe, which functions as your one-point of contact to all health services you have access to as an employee in Falck, either through Falck, Falck Staff Association or your pension fund.
On this page you will find information, contact details, links, and everything you need to ensure your health and well-being.

Health services - Pension scheme providers


Health Services if you are a member of PensionDanmark

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AP Pension

Health Services if you are a member of AP Pension (+PKA et al.)

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Health services - Falck


Smart breaks

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Get advice on healthy diet, exercise and more

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Smart Breaks & Online Training

Falck Healthcare facilitates Smart Breaks every day at 13.00 which is 10 minutes of exercises you can do in the office or at home.

You can also find longer online workouts with yoga, abdominal and back training and functional training.

Click on the image to the right, set a reminder in your calendar and feel free to share the link with your colleagues.

Falck wants to be

At Falck, we are sharpening our profile as an integrated healthcare services company, aiming to meet healthcare needs of people. This applies to our customers, patients – and of course also to our employees. As part of that journey, Falck's Health Strategy for employees in Denmark is being rolled out.  The focus is on safety, well-being and physical health. Driving initiative within these areas is an important part of Falck becoming a great and healthy place to work, where We Care Deeply about our employees.

Promote a holistic approach to health with a special focus on Body, Mind, and Life style.

Falck wishes to create a simple and readily accessible healthcare universe where the employees' health via the Falck Pulse app is just one click away

See your health services provided by Falck, PensionDanmark and AP Pension here

Falck Sport

Read more about Falck Sport, find activities or sign up for the newsletter

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Local sports ambassadors

Find your local sports ambassador

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Exercise like a rescuer

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heart.png Your health

Falck's Health Policy takes its point of departure in the KRAMS factors which stands for (Diet, Smoking, Alcohol, Exercise, and Stress). The KRAMS factors are what affect our health the most.

In Falck we have taken it a step further and added an M for Mental Health - KRAMMS. Many factors indicate that your mental health is crucial before you can consider making changes to your diet and exercising. Also, focusing on your mental health can act preventively against stress.

Health check

  • Health checks are conducted annually at selected locations and are available to both frontline- and desk-based workers
  • It includes a short talk concerning life style, motivation, and development possibilities
  • Data from the health check is integrated in Falck Pulse and is used to form concrete health initiatives and health advice etc. 

Alcohol, Smoking, and Stress

Falck’s alcohol policy describes the guidelines and conditions regarding alcohol and other drugs 

Furthermore, it describes how you should act as a colleague or a manager if an employee is suffering from an addiction. Addiction can cause severe consequences not only for the addict but also for the family, colleagues, and further acquaintances.   

Numerous signals can indicate an addiction, and employees must not be afraid to bring up the subject with their manager or work environment representative if there is any suspicion about addiction.  

To clear up any concerns about addiction and, if there is an addiction, to help a colleague out of it, is a sign of care.

Do you need any help, or do you have a colleague that you are worried about?

Contact the Staff Association on telephone: +45 2032 2045 who can help you further. All employees are covered by this scheme.

Smoking is one of the factors that have the biggest negative influence on public health in Denmark. Every year 14.000 people in Denmark die from smoking, and 2.000 people die from passive smoking. Smoking also increases the risk of developing lifestyle diseases such as KOL, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases, and therefore there are many good reasons to stop smoking. Several municipalities in Denmark are offering free courses to help quit smoking, so if you feel that you need help, then find out if your municipality offers stop smoking courses. 

Falck has passed a smoking policy which determines that smoking is not allowed in the company buildings, vehicles, or in connection with customers. E-cigarettes are also included in the policy with the same restrictions as ordinary tobacco smoking.  

If you would like more information on how to stop smoking and the courses available, you can read more on the official website of the Lung Association.

At Falck Healthcare you can find plenty of advice on how to deal with stress amongst colleagues, managers, or relatives. Additionally, there are several descriptions with facts and prevention that can contribute to an increased focus on stress.

Diet, Exercise, and Mental Health

“You are what you eat” is a phrase that is frequently used – and there is something to it!  

This is why your diet routines are of great importance to your health and your daily well-being.  

Falck has been working with healthy diets through the project – Redder uden skader (rescuer without injuries). In that context, various materials were prepared as an inspiration to focus on a healthy diet in each station/department.

Exercise is a necessary attribute to stay in good health.  

Exercise is an area that we will focus more on in Falck with the purpose of minimising the number of work injuries and sick days. Furthermore, our aim is to contribute to a general increased health among our employees in shape of renewed energy. Our body is our primary technical aid in many situations, and not just during the work hours in Falck, but also at home and in the spare time.  

HR Denmark and Falck Sport are working closely together to ensure a range of activities for the employees. Furthermore, physical requirements for admission as a trainee in the ambulance area have been introduced. The yearly activities in Falck and Falck Sport can be seen in the Annual Wheel.  

You can see the various exercises in the physical test for trainees in the ambulance area here (can you pass the test?). To minimise the risk of injuries, in connection with the work done in the emergency ambulance service, the project “Rescuer without injuries” has been focusing on exercise and work-out.

Your mental health goes hand in hand with your well-being at the workplace. Your well-being is important to Falck because we want you to feel good, and because we care about our colleagues.  

Different phases of life will also have an impact on your work-life balance and your mental health. If you frequently experience being absent or distanced at your job or home, it can be caused by an imbalance between your values, priorities, and what you do in practice. In that case, it can be a good idea to talk to your manager about it.   

Do you need to talk to anyone?  

Have you experienced something that challenges your mental health? Or are you dealing with thoughts that affect you at work? Employees that are members of Pension Danmark or AP Pension can contact the following telephone numbers: 

  • Contact Pension Danmark: +45 7010 0806 
  • Contact Falck Healthcare: +45 7010 2012 

Workout programs

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Safety & environment

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Newsletter from Falck Sport

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Discount on fitness membership

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HR Danmark, Support Questions regarding Cornerstone (contracts and changes), policies and guidelines, etc. 

HR Danmark, Sikkerhed & Miljø Questions regarding work environment, assessment of the work place (APV), how to report a work injury, etc.

HR Danmark, Falck Sport Questions regarding Falck Sports activities or the requirements for you, if you are considering being a sports ambassador, or if you have any questions about this.