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AP Pension - Health services

Here, you will find an overview of the health services you have access to as member of AP Pension and information on how to make use of the services.

Additionally, you can get inspired and find more information about your health and other offers on this page.

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Treatment of work-related injuries, pains or massage?
Call Falck Healthcare Health Team on 70 10 20 12.



Mental well-being

Need to talk to a psychologist?
Call Falck Healthcare Health Team at 70 10 20 12 

Health Services via AP Pension

Guaranteed specialist examination within 10 weekdays.

You can use Quick Diagnosis once you have been referred to:

  • Specialist eg., a dermatologist, orthopedic surgeon, or rheumatologist
  • Other examinations eg., scanning, X-ray, or ultrasound.

You must have a referral from your own doctor to use Quick Diagnosis. You do not need a referral if you need an otorhinolaryngologic or eye doctor.

To use Quick Diagnosis call Falck Healthcare's Health Team at 70 22 92 88

  • Treatment for work-related pain and injuries e.g., massage, physical well-being, physiotherapy, and chiropractic

  • Good advice and guidance about treatments and training
  • Falck Healthcare: Call the phone number 70 10 20 12

    • Stress-coaching with psychotherapists

    • Sessions with a psychologist about mental challenges

    • Face-to-face or digitally


  • Velliv Health Team: Please contact: 70 33 37 07

    • In-depth talk about stress or lack of energy in everyday life
  • Through your healthcare plan, you will get help and consultation from Velliv 'Close Contact'. Maybe you need help to get the right treatment or you need to know your options. 

  • Quick examination: Medical specialist or scan - Please contact PensionDanmark at 70 12 13 35


Contact Falck Healthcare 'Early Action'- Here, you will receive social- and health professional guidance. Depending on your challenges, you will be assigned a coach through the course. 

Are you struggling with addiction; alcohol, medical drugs, drugs, or gambling? Receive proper counselling and support

  • Please contact Falck Healthcares sundhedsteam: 70 10 20 12

Falck´s Health Universe

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Smart breaks

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HR Danmark, Support Questions regarding Cornerstone (contracts and changes), policies and guidelines, etc. 

HR Danmark, Sikkerhed & Miljø Questions regarding work environment, assessment of the work place (APV), how to report a work injury, etc.

HR Danmark, Falck Sport Questions regarding Falck Sports activities or the requirements for you, if you are considering being a sports ambassador, or if you have any questions about this.