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PensionDanmark - Health services

Here, you find an overview of the health services you have access to as member of PensionDanmark and information on how to make use of the services. In addition, you can always see all your health services and find information about them at PensionDanmark.

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Mental well-being

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Health Services via PensionDanmark

Guaranteed specialist examination within 10 weekdays.

You can use Quick Diagnosis once you have been referred to:

  • Specialist eg., a dermatologist, orthopedic surgeon, or rheumatologist
  • Other examinations eg., scanning, X-ray, or ultrasound.

You must have a referral from your own doctor to use Quick Diagnosis. You do not need a referral if you need an otorhinolaryngologic or eye doctor.

To use Quick Diagnosis call Falck Healthcare's Health Team at 70 22 92 88


Maybe you are struggling with addiction; alcohol, medical drugs, drugs, or gambling? Receive proper counselling and support. 


PensionDanmark’s advisors will help you with finding treatment. 

  • Contact PensionDanmark: +45 7010 0806



Falck Healthcare’s Hotline gives general counselling about the public health service regarding options for treatment of addiction.

  • Contact Falck Healthcare: +45 70 10 20 12 (type 3)

Do you have any problems with pain or injuries? Maybe you are struggling with minor back, neck, shoulder, or hip pain. Your healthcare plan through PensionDanmark and Velliv offers: 

  • Treatment to prevent and overcome muscle pain and injuries. (for example with physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage, etc.) 
  • Good advice and guidance about treatment and exercise
  • Contact PensionDanmark: +45 7010 0806
  • Read more here


  • Contact Falck Healthcare: +45 7010 2042
  • Or make an appointment here booking.falckhealthcare.com. You will need to use 'Falck_Forebygger' as the company ID and your CPR number (including the hyphen 000000-0000) as user ID
  • Read more here

With your healthcare plan at PensionDanmark, you also have the option of talking to a psychologist. 

  • Contact PensionDanmark: +45 7010 0806
  • Read more here.



Get phone advice by using Falck Healthcare’s Hotline. Among other things, you can get advice on health, well-being, injuries, stress, or any problems concerning pregnancy.

  • Contact Falck Healthcare: +45 7020 9935 (type 3)
  • Read more about the hotline here

Have you tried our health test?

Do you have 12 minutes to spend on your health? If yes, then take PensionDanmark’s health test and see how to use your health care plan.  

Do you have your health under control?

PensionDenmark’s health test gives you a comprehensive view of your health. Just answer a few questions about yourself, your habits, and everyday life.

Based on your answers you receive:

  • A personal summary of your health. We call it your health overview.
  • A training program adjusted to you and your needs.
  • Recommendations on how to get the most out of your healthcare plan. 

Your answers are anonymous of course.

Log in to pension.dk to answer the health check.

Falck´s Health Universe

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Smart breaks

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HR Danmark, Support Questions regarding Cornerstone (contracts and changes), policies and guidelines, etc. 

HR Danmark, Sikkerhed & Miljø Questions regarding work environment, assessment of the work place (APV), how to report a work injury, etc.

HR Danmark, Falck Sport Questions regarding Falck Sports activities or the requirements for you, if you are considering being a sports ambassador, or if you have any questions about this.