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Invoice Processing

All invoices to be sent electronically via e-mail (PDF format) or via EAN following the below requirements:

Falck Danmark
E-mail for all invoices (PDF format) faktura.falckdanmark@falck.dk
Electronic invoice: EAN NO: 5790001865719

Falck Digital Technology Denmark
E-mail for all invoices (PDF-format) faktura.falckdanmark@falck.dk
Electronic invoice: EAN NO. 5790001865719

Falck Healthcare
E-mail for all invoices (PDF format) faktura.falckhealthcare@falck.dk
Electronic invoice: EAN NO: 5790001968151

All invoices must contain:

Falck entities details:

Bill to address

Brendstrupgårdsvej 13, 8200, Aarhus N, Denmark


Falck Reference employee name or cost center



Vendor & invoice details:

Vendor name & address


Vendor CVR number (tax reg. no.)


Invoice number


Invoice Date


Invoice Due Date


Falck Reference employee name or cost center



Payment details:

Invoice amount


Invoice currency


Payment terms


Bank details / FIK


IBAN for foreign currency (except DKK and USD)

Queries to all invoices to be sent to: BPO-PTP@falck.dk
(Kindly address your queries in English)


Falck Accounts Payable can decide to return an invoice submitted which does not contain the information listed above.

If a client places an order without specifying the reference name or -initials and station code, it is the supplier's task to ensure that this information is obtained from the client.