Crisis Management

Falck Safety Services strives to contribute towards a safer society. As safety experts, we know that many public institutions are faced with ever-increasing demands when it comes to emergency preparedness. We can help you in this area, at all levels.
Considering safety and preparedness is not necessarily exclusively concerned with internal routines and HSE. There are a number of other challenges that companies face in connection with their daily operations.
Such challenges include emergency preparedness plans that extend to both national and international levels, and which can affect the safety of both employees and local populations alike. Falck Safety Services can help by thinking proactively through analysis, resource allocation and developing effective contingency plans and exercises.

Sooner or later, all organisations experience a crisis, be it major or minor. However, by having solid risk analyses and contingency plans in place, an organisation's chances of successfully overcoming obstacles become much greater.

We offer courses and consulting services in several fields, including fire awareness training, emergency and crisis management, risk and vulnerability assessments, next-of-kin handling and media training.

Our courses and consulting services are tailored to meet our clients' needs and wishes. Call us to hear more about how we can assist your company.

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