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GWO Basic Technical Training

GWO members have agreed that everyone working on one of their sites
(Wind Turbine Generator, sub stations etc.) shall complete Basic Technical Training courses relevant for their assignment.

The Basic Technical Training modules are targeted at candidates who have no
previous experience of hydraulic, mechanical or electrical systems.

It may also be used to up skill candidates, who have some knowledge from previous work experience, but not related to wind windturbines.

The GWO BTT modules can be taken independently and in any order you wish.

This Basic Safety Technical Training contents all 3 stand alone courses combined into 1:
• BTT Mechanical
• BTT Electrical
• BTT Hydraulic

​Upon completion of the Basic Technical Training, the delegates will gain knowledge of the hazards encountered when working on hydraulic, mechanical and electrical systems.


The delegates will know how to control and mitigate these hazards and
preparing the delegates for working both on- and offshore in the wind power

We offer this course from September '17.
For specific details, prerequisites and content please contact falcksafety@falcksafety.dk
Contact our booking department for reservation and/or further information.

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